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Honor a Veteran by Making A Gift to Soldier23Project

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Honor our veterans and Make a Gift to support the Soldier23Project. While we enjoy the long weekend, our small gatherings, or video chats with our friends and families, let us also think about the many selfless heroes who have stepped up when we needed it most.

The mission of the Soldier23Project is to provide creative expression support through music and film, resources to access benefits, guidance for transitioning out of the military, suicide prevention, and trauma support services for combat veterans.

Veterans are a vital part of our community. Every day approximately 23 soldiers die from suicide due to combat-related trauma, sexual assault, and extreme stress. Soldier23Project was created to support veterans experiencing combat-related trauma.

Soldier23Project Supports Veterans through the following Advocacy Initiatives:

  • Creative Cultivation and Expression through Film, Media, and Video Outreach

  • Suicide Prevention and Trauma Awareness

  • Veteran Transition Support Services

  • ​Veterans Benefits and Resources

Thank you for supporting the Soldier23Project!

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